Elf Invasion!

That's right folks, there's new sheriffs in town this season and they come in the form of Elves...Santa's Elves! Here to keep an eye on the children and report back to Santa on all the naughty and nice behavior. So...as the old song goes:

You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I'm telling you why...

Santa Claus sent his Elves to town!

This is where we'll keep Santa posted on how our family is behaving, as per his instructions. He's very 21st century, our Santa!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy, busy!

We've been pretty busy since our last post. We've never been to the state that our family lives in before so we're not sure what the winter weather will be like. Percy wants to wear shorts (we told him his white legs would blind everyone) and Mabel thought it best if we brought cold weather clothes. We talked it over for a while and decided that we'll just have to take our chances and wear our normal North Pole gear. We will have our bag of snow with us and there is a refrigerator at their house so if worse comes to worse, we can always hang out in the freezer for a while if it gets too hot there. It would probably make a good hiding place too, in case things get too hot (if you know what I mean)...they'd never think to look for us in there! teehee

The gang and I have been thinking real hard of what we will do while we are visiting...after all, we certainly can't show up empty handed. And seeing's how we're Elves and everything, prior planning is definitely a must so that we allow ourselves enough time to make whatever we will be bringing with us to give as gifts. Well ok, we don't actually make ALL the gifts we bring...I mean Percy thinks he's a movie star but we don't know how to make a movie so we leave that to the pros and just buy them from the North Pole General. That place has almost any kind of Christmas movie you can think of! It's great! But don't even get me started on those video game things! Ugh! If they don't get released before Thanksgiving, they're almost impossible for us to get! You wouldn't believe all the hoops we have to jump through to get them...if we can get them at all! I heard one Elf say that he actually had to go to a "human world" store to get his family a much wanted video game. He said it was the scariest thing he'd ever done in his whole life and he's like 560!

We can't tell you what surprises we have in store the family...that's top secret and very hush-hush...no seriously, our envelope says "Top Secret"! Besides, we've sent our family a letter letting them know that we'll be on our way very soon and that they can read about our prep work and stuff on here and if we posted what we were bringing and doing when we get there, then it wouldn't be a surprise! Now how much fun would that be? Not much, don'tcha think?

Well shoot, Marvin is complaining that the thingamabobber won't fit in the whatchamacallit so I better go help him out! We'll be sure to keep everyone posted on what's going on around here!

Love, Penny

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Ready For The Long Trip

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's time for us to get ready for our journey to visit our family. There's lots to do in the coming months! We have to make sure our passports are in order, get the reindeers' shot records up to date and pack our bags!

Santa will send a letter to the family to let them know that we've passed our tests and will be able to join them again this year...no training needed! We are sooo looking forward to just being with them. Last year it was all studying and not much time for fun (although we did manage to sneak in a little fun when no one was watching!) This year, it should be so much more fun! No studying, just lots of hanging out with everyone! We can't wait!!!