Elf Invasion!

That's right folks, there's new sheriffs in town this season and they come in the form of Elves...Santa's Elves! Here to keep an eye on the children and report back to Santa on all the naughty and nice behavior. So...as the old song goes:

You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I'm telling you why...

Santa Claus sent his Elves to town!

This is where we'll keep Santa posted on how our family is behaving, as per his instructions. He's very 21st century, our Santa!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Elf Report

Hi Santa...it's me Marvin.

Just wanted to check in with you to let you know how things are going here. First of all...it's actually snowing here! We just cannot believe it! Who knew it snowed in these parts?! Wow!

Kids Update: We're pretty impressed. They have been playing nicer with each other lately. They even had a tea party together. They still have their moments though. The eldest just does not seem to like her little sister much sometimes. We're not sure why since she's such a sweet little girl. But...Mom and Dad are working hard to help them learn to share and play nice.

Us Update: Well, shucks Santa...you know how it is! First the bear was hurt so we had to bandage his arm, then we noticed that the bunny had a bump on his head so we got a bandage for that and then next thing you know, we're all bandaged up! We were just trying to help! We got chastized by the oldest for getting into the first aid supplies. *blush* We feel really bad about it! We'll think of something to make it up to them and apologize, we promise!

I better go. It's about time for our Cousin Conference! Talk to you soon!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Things are good!

Hi Santa,

Hope things are going well with the toy building and Christmas Eve preparations. Things here are good. We have decided (after much discussion) to keep the girls on the nice list for now. We've kept pretty quiet here at the house...really just observing what's going on. We did enjoy a movie the other night with some of the stuffed animals. Percy made a mess of the popcorn and fell asleep before he could clean it up. The poor family had to pick up after him...I was so embarrassed!!

We did find some small ornaments (we weren't snooping, we promise) so we left those out for the girls to decorate with. Once again, Percy thought he should decorate the tree and he ended up getting stuck! Seriously, we're afraid that he'll end up in the oven or the freezer one of these days and not be able to get himself out! He's lucky he's family! o<:o)

All is well and we're having a wonderful time down here. The girls are getting so big and a bit forgetful, I must say. They haven't fed us in like 3 days! Lucky for us, Mom remembers and gives us a bite to eat before she heads for bed...she definitely goes on the nice list this year!

Love, Mabel

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're Here!

Hi Santa!

Sorry it's taken us so long to report back to you (hope you weren't worried!) We made it here safe and sound. The trip was good, the weather was nice and everything went smoothly. We weren't outside for very long before they found us and brought us in. You'll never believe how much the children have grown! We thought we were in the wrong house at first! :o)

So far, we're afraid to say that the girls may need to be put on the naughty list. We'll give them until this weekend and then we'll let you know for sure. They don't listen very well and have been all up in the tree, taking off the ornaments and then not listening when their Mommy & Daddy tell them to leave it alone. We're hoping it's just because their Grandpa is visiting but we will see.

We'll send you a report again soon!



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We'll Be There Soon!

Hello family!

Just wanted to let you guys know that we'll be seeing you very soon and we are sooo excited about it! We are all packed up and ready to go, we're just waiting to get word from Santa that it's ok to leave.

We are going to have so much fun together and can't wait to see your new house! Bet your bedrooms are decorated all pretty...probably Strawberry Shortcake! Or maybe some flowers and butterflies?

Well, we just thought we'd let you know we were all ready and looking forward to seeing you all again!

Love, Us!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our First Interview!

We are sooo excited! We were interviewed by Gerald of the Christmas 25 News Team! He asked us all sorts of questions about what we're doing to get ready! Don't tell anybody but I think he's kinda cute! *blush* They didn't have video or anything like that, it was just taped with a microphone and then they typed it onto their blog...guess their equipment doesn't do well in the cold. It's a good thing too since Mabel was still in her nightgown! Sheesh! At least she took the rollers out of her hair! :o)

I can't believe that time is flying by so fast! Won't be long now and we'll be with our family again...I absolutely CANNOT wait! Just about everything is in order! We've got almost everything ready to go...we're just waiting on one special thing that we had to get online. We should get it in plenty of time though. I feel like doing a happy dance! teehee

There really isn't all that much to talk about today. We've been super busy putting the finishing touches on the gifts we'll be bringing. Not much time for anything else, really. That's ok though...our family is worth it! So...it's back to work for me! Tootles!

Love, Penny

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monster Storm

*sigh* It looks like our Halloween party is going to be cancelled due to a storm. The Weather Elf said that it's supposed to be the worst storm in North Pole history and that we need to "batten down the hatches" as it were. So, everyone is running to the grocery store to pick up last minute supplies (just in case the Weather Elf is actually right...for once!). Mabel gave Marvin and Percival a very detailed list of what we needed...I assure you, candy was NOT on the list! We've got enough of that around here to choke a horse...as Granny would say...thanks to early party prep! Hope they can get everything...Mabel promised to bake some of her famous fruit cookies. Yum-O!

Things are moving along smoothly here for our trip. Our passport stickers are in and the Reindeer have all gotten their shots...which is a wonderful thing because believe me...a Reindeer without the Anti Bahum Bug vaccine is absolutely no fun whatsoever! They get all grumpy and have no Christmas cheer AT ALL! So now, all we really have left is to gather up the stuff we're going to bring with us and add the finishing touches on a couple of toys.

Oh, I hear Marvin...so I better get going! I sure hope he got everything for Mabel's cookies! I tell you what...there's absolutely nothing better than the smell of baking cookies on a stormy afternoon! I see a bunch of game playing in our future...Elftionary is one of my all time favorites!

Bye now!

Love, Penny

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He Took Gold!

That's right everyone, Marvin took gold in the Elfjack competition! We are just sooo excited for him! Of course, now we have to listen to him tell the story over and over again about how he came from behind and managed to get to the top of the candy cane 1/10th of a second before Allister to win. I suppose he does have the bragging rights now...I just hope he stops soon or it will get old really quick!

On to the preparations! We contacted our family this weekend to let them know that we can come visit them again this year. I hope they are as excited as we all are!

Over the weekend we got some good news and also some bad news. The good news is that there will be extra company at the house when we arrive which means one more person to have fun with! *giggle* The bad news is that our family seems to have adopted a couple of cats! Have I mentioned we don't "like" cats? Would you, if every time they saw you they tried to eat you? I mean really...do we look like mice to you? Ok, so granted we've got the big ears but come on! We don't have a tail and we're not grey! I don't really know what they were thinking, that family of ours. What's wrong with fish? They make wonderful pets...honest! Anyway, I just hope that they lock them away at night...we should probably write a letter making that request. Nothing like a furball loose at night to put a cramp in our style! *sigh*

Our sleigh got fixed with no problems and the collection of toys and crafts is coming along nicely. We are almost done with that part. The Vet clinic ran out of one of the Reindeer shots so we're waiting on that right now. We sent notification to the passport office of our destination so that they can send us our new stamp. Once the shots come in and we get our stamps, we should be just about ready to go. We are getting so antsy to go!

Well, I better go. We still have to figure out our costumes for the HallowElf Party on the 31st. Marvin's thinking he'll be an Ewok but he doesn't know where he'll find all the fur (Reindeer don't shed yet) but he is toying with the idea of shaving Santa's dog! We're still trying to talk him out of that one! lol Percival thought he could be a ghost but then he'd have to wear a sheet over his head and then he couldn't see himself in the mirror. So, as of right now, Mabel is going to be a witch for sure and I'll be a snow princess. I just don't understand why it's so hard for guys to figure out their costumes! :o) I'll let you know what they decide and try to snap a few pictures!

Love, Penny

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Transportation Problems!

Where to begin? We were getting things ready for our trip and we discovered that our sleigh had some problems that needed to be taken care of before we left. So Jebediah, in his infinite wisdom, decided that he should look at it and see if he could fix it. We were ok with that...after all, he has been a mechanic for over 350 years and we figured he knew what he was doing. Ummm...not so much! Turns out, there's a reason why he's out shoveling the reindeer stalls these days! Apparently, it's not a mechanical problem, it's an internal computer problem. Marvin called up the sleigh company "Jingle Jangle" so see if there was anything that we could do to fix it. Nope! We need to bring it in and they'll update the software and it should run smoothly again. *sigh* It's really hard to get away to get things like this fixed...we're always so busy. But at least we found the problem now and not right before we were getting ready to leave. o<:o)

Then...when we got back from the dealership, we went in to make some cookies. We LOVE baking cookies! It's one of our favorite things to do. Penelope is still a little uncertain when it comes to her baking skills and she ended up burning all of the cookies. I had to take over and bake some more. I just hope she doesn't try to bake cookies for our family because she might burn their house down by accident!

We are making progress in our preparations though. Percy finally settled on the belt he'll wear when we arrive *insert eye roll here* and we did manage to find the movie we were looking for. We're still a little behind on the crafts end of things but after the North Pole Elfjack Competition this weekend, we should be able to get it all done. What? You've never heard of the Elfjack competition? Well, it's just like a lumberjack competition except they don't wear kilts (those wind storms can do bad things to a skirt) and they use candy canes to climb and throw. It's really a lot of fun and last year, Marvin came in 2nd place. He may be little but he sure is strong! We're hoping he'll take 1st this year but Archibald is looking pretty good so it's going to be close!

Oh...I better go, Marvin is training for this weekend and he needs a spotter while he bench presses toothpicks. Man, those things are heavy! We'll be sure to let you know how he does Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed...we're hoping for gold! Bye now!

Love, Mabel

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy, busy!

We've been pretty busy since our last post. We've never been to the state that our family lives in before so we're not sure what the winter weather will be like. Percy wants to wear shorts (we told him his white legs would blind everyone) and Mabel thought it best if we brought cold weather clothes. We talked it over for a while and decided that we'll just have to take our chances and wear our normal North Pole gear. We will have our bag of snow with us and there is a refrigerator at their house so if worse comes to worse, we can always hang out in the freezer for a while if it gets too hot there. It would probably make a good hiding place too, in case things get too hot (if you know what I mean)...they'd never think to look for us in there! teehee

The gang and I have been thinking real hard of what we will do while we are visiting...after all, we certainly can't show up empty handed. And seeing's how we're Elves and everything, prior planning is definitely a must so that we allow ourselves enough time to make whatever we will be bringing with us to give as gifts. Well ok, we don't actually make ALL the gifts we bring...I mean Percy thinks he's a movie star but we don't know how to make a movie so we leave that to the pros and just buy them from the North Pole General. That place has almost any kind of Christmas movie you can think of! It's great! But don't even get me started on those video game things! Ugh! If they don't get released before Thanksgiving, they're almost impossible for us to get! You wouldn't believe all the hoops we have to jump through to get them...if we can get them at all! I heard one Elf say that he actually had to go to a "human world" store to get his family a much wanted video game. He said it was the scariest thing he'd ever done in his whole life and he's like 560!

We can't tell you what surprises we have in store the family...that's top secret and very hush-hush...no seriously, our envelope says "Top Secret"! Besides, we've sent our family a letter letting them know that we'll be on our way very soon and that they can read about our prep work and stuff on here and if we posted what we were bringing and doing when we get there, then it wouldn't be a surprise! Now how much fun would that be? Not much, don'tcha think?

Well shoot, Marvin is complaining that the thingamabobber won't fit in the whatchamacallit so I better go help him out! We'll be sure to keep everyone posted on what's going on around here!

Love, Penny

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Ready For The Long Trip

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's time for us to get ready for our journey to visit our family. There's lots to do in the coming months! We have to make sure our passports are in order, get the reindeers' shot records up to date and pack our bags!

Santa will send a letter to the family to let them know that we've passed our tests and will be able to join them again this year...no training needed! We are sooo looking forward to just being with them. Last year it was all studying and not much time for fun (although we did manage to sneak in a little fun when no one was watching!) This year, it should be so much more fun! No studying, just lots of hanging out with everyone! We can't wait!!!